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Dietary Fibers: Effects, Underlying Mechanisms and Possible Role in Allergic Asthma Management
27-11-2021The prevalence of asthma is increasing, but the cause remains under debate. Research currently focuses on environmental and dietary factors that may impact the gut-lung axis. Dietary fibers are considered to play a crucial role in supporting diversity and activity of the microbiome, as well as immune homeostasis in the gut and lung. This review discusses the current state of knowledge on how dietary fibers and their bacterial fermentation products may affect the pathophysiology of allergic...

Impact of Asthma on Plantar Pressures in a Sample of Adult Patients: A Case-Control Study
27-11-2021Based on the high prevalence of asthma in the population, and its relationship with various musculoskeletal and postural disorders, the aim of this study was to evaluate the plantar pressures in asthmatic patients compared to a control group. A case-control study involving 90 participants was conducted, consisting of 45 asthma patients and 45 healthy paired controls. Static plantar pressure data were recorded using a portable pressure sensor platform. Statistically significant differences were...

Effectiveness of Telemonitoring for Respiratory and Systemic Symptoms of Asthma and COPD: A Narrative Review
27-11-2021Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) are highly prevalent chronic lung diseases that require ongoing self-management, which itself is often suboptimal. Therefore, telemonitoring has been used to help patients measure their symptoms, share data with healthcare providers and receive education and feedback to improve disease management. In this study, we conducted a narrative review of recent evidence on the effectiveness of telemonitoring for asthma and COPD in adults. Of the...

Improving the Indoor Air Quality in Nursery Buildings in United Arab Emirates
27-11-2021Children inhale indoor air at 400 mL/min∙kg per body weight, 2.76 times more than adults. They have weaker immunity than adults and are more exposed to asthma, allergies, and atopic diseases. The objective of this paper is to suggest effective management and improvement measures for indoor air quality for nurseries. As a methodology, 16 nurseries (total of 35 classrooms) were selected to measure the indoor air quality compared with WHO IAQ Standard, and identify the daily concentration change of...

Clinical Relevance and Advantages of Intradermal Test Results in 371 Patients with Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma and/or Otitis Media with Effusion
27-11-2021CONCLUSION: Intradermal titration can identify patients who will benefit from allergy immunotherapy more accurately than SPT. Outcomes analysis in 371 patients shows that IDT doubled their chance of successful treatment with no greater risk of therapeutic failure. Positive IDT, following negative SPT, is clinically relevant and offers superior sensitivity over SPT for detecting allergens clinically relevant to diagnosis of AIT-responsive atopic disease.




Illness perception in patients with D.M. type II in Cambodia
This research is a qualitative study of illness perception in patients registered in a clinic in a rural area in Cambodia (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). All patients in the clinic with Diabetes...