CELLO, General Practitioners Leiden

CELLO, the cooperation of primary health care practitioners in Leiden and surroundings, founded in 2009, is an organisation in which general practitioners, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, practice nurses, translators and voluntary professionals work closely together. You are invited to view the strategies developed by this cooperation, i.e. what CELLO means for the health of patients in Leiden and surroundings.

Based on the idea that “what’s good for 30.000 patients is usually also good for 300.000 patients” , CELLO’s editorial committee has posted multi-lingual patient letters (A-level), protocols (B-level) and updates of core articles (C-level) on Diabetes, Lung diseases, Obesity and the prevention of Cardio-Vascular diseases on the website.

Patients can read how they can cope with these diseases, how they can best be helped by professionals and what the scientific evidence is for the chosen approach. Due to cuts in the national health budget connections (zorgpacts) have been made with local centers, restaurants, gyms etc. to influence life style in a positive way.

Local health workers, volunteers and the local community should be provided with the best possible means of prevention and treatment in case of a national disaster. Therefor Cello offers MUST protocols (Medical Update SMS Tsunami) which are updated, translated and can be distributed by SMS.

With this detailed and thorough approach the editorial committee also hopes to stimulate and support projects outside the direct affiliated area of CELLO. We invite you to provide us feedback, so that the care of chronic patients becomes and remains qualitative and accessible for everyone.

Walter Schrader 
General Practitioner
Founder and member of the board CELLO

Martin Keesenberg
Health Scientist
Chief Editor CELLO


In spite of the huge differences in budget and resources, around the world similar medical problems occur, that require a similar approach.

CELLO offers well-functioning protocols and patient information in The Netherlands, but also to health care professionals and their patients across the globe. For this, CELLO cooperates with several selected international contacts. Read more

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   Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) Patient   Care   Science
   Cardio-vascular diseases 
Patient   Care   Science
   Lung diseases: COPD Patient   Care   Science
   Lung diseases: Asthma in adults Patient   Care   Science
   Lung diseases: Asthma in childeren Patient   Care   Science
Patient   Care   Science
  Sleeping disorder
Patient   Care   Science
Patient   Care   Science
Patient   Care   Science




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