Patient Letter Obesity


Dear Sir / Madam,

Your general practitioner has registered you at Cello due to the diagnosis of obesity (overweight).
In this letter you will find information about the supervision that Cello can give you together with your general practitioner.

By registering at Cello, you are given the opportunity to be informed about the possibilities of losing weight and improving your health.

Obesity is a problem for many people. Why some people gain weight faster than others, is not clear. Heredity, metabolism, nutrition, exercise and personal circumstances play a role. Being overweight is bad for your health. It increases the risk of high blood pressure, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes or joint pain.

Due to your obesity, you have probably noticed for some time that you have difficulties with exertion (e.g. climbing the stairs), you may wake up tired, experience problems with your hips, knees or ankles and maybe an increased blood pressure has been measured.
The treatment of obesity aims for weight reduction, and in the case of extreme obesity in the first instance for weight stabilization. To achieve weight reduction or stabilization you should aim to reduce fat tissue, increase muscular tissue and increase your metabolism. This is achieved through a reduction / change in nutritional intake and a responsible increase in the amount and intensity of exercise.

Depending on the degree of obesity and the presence of other disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthrosis, according to the Cello protocol several disciplines will be applied to achieve these objectives. Our programme, consisting of physiotherapy, dieticians, medicine use and surgery, will help you to lose or stabilize weight and reduce health risks.
Weight loss can be difficult, but it is always preferred, due to the positive effects that can be achieved in the short term. In this short term you will notice that your clothes feel looser, you feel fitter and that you weight and health risks will already start to reduce. Your task in this programme is to indicate whether you feel fitter and sufficiently satiated after eating to make sure that you can keep up the lifestyle change.

By measuring your body weight, body composition (fat tissue, muscular tissue and fluids), abdominal circumference, and conducting exertion tests and lab analysis, your programme is evaluated and adjusted when necessary.

Advice for losing weight:
• Sufficient exercise (minimum is half an hour a day)
• Eat less calories
• Eat three meals and a maximum of three in-betweens a day with a high satiation value: fiber-rich products such as vegetables, fruit, pulses and wholegrain products; as well as low-fat protein-rich products such as low-fat yoghurt or cream cheese, poultry and low-fat cheese and meat
• Eat and drink less saturated fat (full-fat dairy products, cheese and meat)
• Reduce intake of salt and sugar
• Limit alcohol intake

You can contact the practice nurses at Cello to make an introduction appointment.
If you have any questions after reading this letter, please indicate this during the next contact. We will be pleased to help you further. As a preparation for the first and subsequent appointments, you can find a lot of information on obesity on our website:




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