Patient Letter COPD | Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema


Dear Sir, Madam,

Your general practitioner has registered you at Cello due to the diagnosis of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). In this letter you will find information about the supervision that Cello can give you together with your general practitioner.

You have been told that you suffer from COPD. With the help of our supervision and treatment, you will be given the opportunity to directly improve your health. We will inform you what you can do to achieve the best results regarding your COPD condition. COPD is a collective term for two lung disorders: chronic bronchitis and lung emphysema. The most important cause of COPD is smoking.

The symptoms related to COPD develop due to long term contact with cigarette smoke, but can also be caused by noxious particles from stone, metal or cereals in the air.
The irritation causes an inflammatory response in the smaller branches of the airways and damage to the lung alveoli (air sacs).

You have probably noticed for some time that you suffer from shortness of breath when exercising (e.g. climbing the stairs), coughing, bringing up sputum and sensitivity to certain gases such as cigarette smoke, and baking or paint fumes.

You may also suffer from sudden increased shortness of breath (exacerbation) during which you cough up more phlegm. Some of you may be afraid to exercise due to the increased shortness of breath. Unintended, you may lose weight and your muscles become weakened and thinner.
Damage to the smaller airways is irreversible and if you leave COPD untreated the decline of your lungs and therefore your health will continue. A cold, the flu, airway infections and irritating gases such as smoke may increase your symptoms and will go away more slowly. Periods of increased symptoms (exacerbation) occur more frequently.

Our programme consists of physiotherapy, dieticians and medication and will help you to reduce the risks of exacerbation, decrease the shortness of breath you experience, reduce the risk of hospitalization and slow down the decline of your lung function.
If smoking is the most important cause for you, special attention will be paid to this, individually or in a group with the help of a ‘Stop smoking programme’. By conducting regular long function tests (spirometry) and measuring your body weight and fitness level, and supervising your medication usage, we can keep track of the development of your COPD and we can adjust the programme when necessary.

You can contact the practice nurses at Cello to make an introduction appointment. If you have any questions after reading this letter, please indicate this during the next contact. We will be pleased to help you further. As a preparation for the first and subsequent appointments, youcan find a lot of information on COPD on our website:




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