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Investigation of a COVID-19 outbreak on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, March to April 2020: a retrospective cohort study
27-05-2022BackgroundSARS-CoV-2 emergence was a threat for armed forces. A COVID-19 outbreak occurred on the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle from mid-March to mid-April 2020.AimTo understand how the virus was introduced, circulated then stopped circulation, risk factors for infection and severity, and effectiveness of preventive measures.MethodsWe considered the entire crew as a cohort and collected personal, clinical, biological, and epidemiological data. We performed viral genome sequencing and...

Profile of self-concept and self-esteem on the academic performance among practitioners of physical education and extracurricular activities in middle-school students
27-05-2022CONCLUSIONS: Apparently, the practice of extracurricular sport activities by students promotes a significant evolution in the formation of self-concept and academic performance, as well as suggesting a positive evolutionary trend in the formation of self-esteem of students who practice the several extracurricular sports.

Body composition and physical fitness improve after 8 weeks of high-intensity circuit training using body weight in obese women
27-05-2022CONCLUSIONS: An 8-week modified HICTBW program thrice a week is an effective training modality to influence health-related physical fitness in sedentary obese women.

Statin therapy and lipids-lowering supplements - safe and effective treatment of lipids disturbances in children
27-05-2022CONCLUSIONS: In children with dyslipidemia, regardless of its background, statin therapy is the most effective in lowering LDL-C. However, therapy with lipids-lowering supplements seems to be safe and effective.

Effectiveness of a worksite lifestyle intervention to reduce body mass index among farmworkers in California: a cluster randomized controlled trial
27-05-2022CONCLUSIONS: The worksite intervention, implemented during meal breaks, did not reduce BMI or other clinical indicators. Nevertheless, this study supports the feasibility of recruiting and engaging the Latino farmworker population in workplace health promotion interventions.




Illness perception in patients with D.M. type II in Cambodia
This research is a qualitative study of illness perception in patients registered in a clinic in a rural area in Cambodia (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). All patients in the clinic with Diabetes...