Cello Professionals

Drs. D.M. Keesenberg Physical Therapist
Health Scientist
Drs. W.E. Schrader General Practitioner
Disaster Management
Drs. M. Yassine Physician
M. v. Mierlo Practice nurse
F. Smit Psychologist
G. Nering - Bogel General Practitioner
Dhr. Cees van der Touw C. v.d. Touw Manager Cello
H. Nijland Practice nurse
L. Piebinga Marketeer

R. v. Hasselt Consultant




Illness perception in patients with D.M. type II in Cambodia
This research is a qualitative study of illness perception in patients registered in a clinic in a rural area in Cambodia (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). All patients in the clinic with Diabetes...