Cello General Practitioners

Drs. G. Nering Bögel                Chairman
Drs. N. van den Braken            Vice-Chairman
Drs. W.E. Schrader                  Treasurer
Drs. M. Bergmeyer                   Secretary

Members for Somatics and GGZ
Drs. H. Kohabir         
Drs. N. van den Braken  
Drs. M. de Buck  
Drs E. de Lange  
Drs. W.E. Schrader  
Drs. G.A.E. Nering Bögel              
Drs. M. Bergmeyer  

Members for GGZ

Drs. H. Boender          
Drs. A. Goslinga  
Drs. J. Lindenhovius  
Drs. M.H. Straver-Sanders  
Drs. F.J.M. Weijenborg  
no photo Drs. K. Verbeek  
Drs. A. Pinkse  




Illness perception in patients with D.M. type II in Cambodia
This research is a qualitative study of illness perception in patients registered in a clinic in a rural area in Cambodia (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). All patients in the clinic with Diabetes...