Astma Kinderen Wetenschap

Patterns of maternal gestational weight gain in association with allergic diseases in offspring: A prospective cohort study
20-03-2023CONCLUSIONS: Maternal GWG pattern characterised by rapid GWG earlier in pregnancy was associated with a lower risk of atopic allergy in offspring.

Abuse of Girls During Childhood and Its Impacts on the Health of Their Adult Lives: A Systematic Review
20-03-2023Child abuse is a global problem for public health as it negatively affects people and society. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) associates the adverse experience during childhood with a series of long-term impacts on health. The aim of this study is to explore the impact of child abuse on females' health, including physical, mental, and social health. The methodology used in this specific review is to carry out a systematic search in electronic databases (Google Scholar,...

Severe pediatric asthma therapy: Omalizumab-A systematic review and meta-analysis of efficacy and safety profile
20-03-2023CONCLUSIONS: Our systematic review confirms the known findings that omalizumab therapy decreases asthma exacerbation rate and reduces background therapy inhaled steroid dose. Therefore, add-on therapy with omalizumab shows a good efficacy and safety profile, thus proving to be a useful additional therapeutic option.

Prevalence of physical frailty, including risk factors, up to 1 year after hospitalisation for COVID-19 in the UK: a multicentre, longitudinal cohort study
20-03-2023BACKGROUND: The scale of COVID-19 and its well documented long-term sequelae support a need to understand long-term outcomes including frailty.

Development of a Cystic Fibrosis Primary Palliative Care Intervention: Qualitative Analysis of Patient and Family Caregiver Preferences
20-03-2023To prevent or mitigate chronic illness burden, people with cystic fibrosis (pwCF) and their family caregivers need primary (generalist-level) palliative care from the time of diagnosis forward. We used qualitative methods to explore their preferences about a screening-and-triage model ("Improving Life with CF") developed to standardize this care. We purposively sampled and interviewed 14 pwCF and caregivers from 5 Improving Life with CF study sites. Thematic analysis was guided by a priori codes...


Koken met eigen kinderen - Dieet op de kaart
Het buurtcentrum Morschwijck draait al enige tijd een kookclub voor kinderen en een kookclub voor mensen met een verstandelijke beperking. In samenwerking met Cello zal er een kookclub worden gestart...
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Lekker goedkoop koken - Dieet op de kaart
Het project van kerken en andere partners met en voor mensen die door de crisis geraakt zijn en door financiële problemen  geen goede voeding...
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Ziekteperceptie bij patiënten met D.M. type II in Cambodja
Deze studie betreft een kwalitatief onderzoek naar ziekteperceptie bij patienten die geregistreerd zijn in een kliniek in een dunbevolkte omgeving in Cambodja (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). Alle...
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