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Prevalence, Impact, and Burden of Insomnia and Discussing It With Patients
14-05-2021Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep-wake disorder, with about one in ten individuals meeting diagnostic criteria. Associated with significant impairment in daytime function, insomnia has a vast societal burden and impact on public health. To arrive at an accurate diagnosis of insomnia disorder, clinicians should conduct an effective interview with patients to assess the complaint and sleep history and use assessment tools as part of the evaluation.

The Bidirectional Relationship Between Insomnia and Comorbid Disorders
14-05-2021Insomnia is often comorbid with psychiatric, medical, and neurologic disorders. For years, insomnia was thought to be secondary to various disorders; therefore, it did not receive the attention it needed because the other disorder was viewed as playing the primary role in the insomnia problem. However, our thinking has moved away from treating the other condition to resolve the insomnia toward treating insomnia as a separate condition. Insomnia and comorbid conditions have a bidirectional...

Association Between Tetralogy of Fallot and Psychiatric Disorders: A Nationwide Cohort Study
14-05-2021CONCLUSIONS: This study revealed that TOF patients have a nearly 3-fold higher risk of psychiatric disorders, including anxiety, depressive, bipolar, and sleep disorders, than the general population. Therefore, continued mental health screening and surveillance are warranted in TOF patients.

The Adaptive GameSquad Xbox-Based Physical Activity and Health Coaching Intervention for Youth With Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Diagnoses: Pilot Feasibility Study
14-05-2021CONCLUSIONS: AGS shows promise in delivering a health behavior intervention remotely to youth with NPDs, but a full-scale efficacy trial with a larger sample size is needed to confirm this finding. On the basis of feedback from beta testers and intervention participants, the next steps should include reduced technology burden and increased exergame choice before efficacy testing.

An initial analysis of the UK Medical Cannabis Registry: Outcomes analysis of first 129 patients
14-05-2021CONCLUSION: This study suggests that CBMP therapy may be associated with an improvement in health-related quality-of-life outcomes as self-reported by patients. CBMPs are also demonstrated to be relatively safe in the short to medium-term. These findings must be treated with caution given the limited scope of this initial analysis, with no placebo or an active comparator, with further research required.


Koken met eigen kinderen - Dieet op de kaart
Het buurtcentrum Morschwijck draait al enige tijd een kookclub voor kinderen en een kookclub voor mensen met een verstandelijke beperking. In samenwerking met Cello zal er een kookclub worden gestart...
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Lekker goedkoop koken - Dieet op de kaart
Het project van kerken en andere partners met en voor mensen die door de crisis geraakt zijn en door financiële problemen  geen goede voeding...
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Ziekteperceptie bij patiƫnten met D.M. type II in Cambodja
Deze studie betreft een kwalitatief onderzoek naar ziekteperceptie bij patienten die geregistreerd zijn in een kliniek in een dunbevolkte omgeving in Cambodja (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). Alle...
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