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Hospital frailty risk score and adverse health outcomes: evidence from longitudinal record linkage cardiac data
14-05-2021CONCLUSION: Using the HFRS on a large CVD cohort, this study confirms that frailty was associated with worse health outcomes and higher healthcare costs. Administrative data should be more accessible to research such that the HFRS can be applied to healthcare planning and patient care.

Statin but not Aspirin Treatment is Associated with Reduced Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Diabetes without Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease
14-05-2021CONCLUSION: Among patients with diabetes and no obstructive CAD, aspirin neither reduced MACE nor increased bleeding. In contrast, statin treatment was associated with a major reduction in risk of MACE.

Greater burden of risk factors and less effect of cardiac rehabilitation in elderly with low educational attainment: The Eu-CaRE study
14-05-2021CONCLUSIONS: We found a strong socioeconomic gradient in VO2peak and cardiovascular risk factors that was unaffected or worsened after CR. To address inequity in cardiovascular health, the individual adaption of CR according to socioeconomic needs should be considered.

Heterogeneous subpopulations of adventitial progenitor cells regulate vascular homeostasis and pathological vascular remodeling
14-05-2021Cardiovascular diseases are characterized by chronic vascular dysfunction and provoke pathological remodeling events such as neointima formation, atherosclerotic lesion development, and adventitial fibrosis. While lineage-tracing studies have shown that phenotypically modulated smooth muscle cells (SMCs) are the major cellular component of neointimal lesions, the cellular origins and microenvironmental signaling mechanisms that underlie remodeling along the adventitial vascular layer are not...

Adherence to cardiovascular pharmacotherapy by patients in Iraq: A mixed methods assessment using quantitative dried blood spot analysis and the 8-item Morisky Medication Adherence Scale
14-05-2021This study evaluated the adherence to prescribed cardiovascular therapy medications among cardiovascular disease patients attending clinics in Misan, Amara, Iraq. Mixed methods were used to assess medication adherence comprising the Arabic version of the eight-item Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS-8) and determination of drug concentrations in patient dried blood spot (DBS) samples by liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry. Three hundred and three Iraqi patients (median...


Koken met eigen kinderen - Dieet op de kaart
Het buurtcentrum Morschwijck draait al enige tijd een kookclub voor kinderen en een kookclub voor mensen met een verstandelijke beperking. In samenwerking met Cello zal er een kookclub worden gestart...
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Lekker goedkoop koken - Dieet op de kaart
Het project van kerken en andere partners met en voor mensen die door de crisis geraakt zijn en door financiële problemen  geen goede voeding...
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Ziekteperceptie bij patiƫnten met D.M. type II in Cambodja
Deze studie betreft een kwalitatief onderzoek naar ziekteperceptie bij patienten die geregistreerd zijn in een kliniek in een dunbevolkte omgeving in Cambodja (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). Alle...
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