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Family Experiences of Decreased Sound Tolerance in ASD
15-09-2021Decreased sound tolerance (DST) is the most common sensory difficulty experienced by autistic individuals. Parents of 88 autistic children and young adults between the ages of 3 and 30 described coping strategies and physical and emotional responses used to deal with distressing sounds, and their impact on daily activities. Loud, sudden, and high-pitched sounds were most commonly endorsed as distressing, most often causing autistic children and young adults to cover their ears or yell, while...

COVID-19 and Brazilian healthcare professionals: a cross-sectional survey of perceptions and feelings during pandemics in one of the top three most-affected countries
14-09-2021CONCLUSIONS: In Brazil, the health professionals revealed to be exposed to a stressful situation and to the risk of self-contamination, conditions that prospect future psychological problems for these workers. According to our survey, the psychological support for this group should be included in future health planning of Brazil and other hugely affected countries to assure a good mental health condition to the medical teams in near future.

Community dimensions and emotions in the era of COVID-19
14-09-2021Following an ecological perspective, reactions to a disaster-such as the COVID-19 pandemic-should be analysed in the interdependence between individual and community dimensions. The present study aims to analyse individual emotional dimensions (anxiety, joy, fear or depressive feelings) and their community dimensions (connectedness, emotional sharing and solidarity) with a longitudinal approach among university students from Italian universities. Participants were 746 university students at t1...

COVID-19 and Risk Factors of Anxiety and Depression in South Korea
13-09-2021CONCLUSION: Findings on predictors for greater vulnerability to anxiety and depression has important implications for public mental health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gonadal steroid hormones and emotional memory consolidation: A systematic review and meta-analysis
13-09-2021Anxiety and stress-related disorders are more prevalent in women and associated with negative emotional memory consolidation as well as impaired fear extinction recall. Recent research has identified a role of gonadal steroid hormones in influencing emotional memories and fear extinction, however most individual studies have small samples and employed various protocols. A systematic review and meta-analysis were conducted on studies that examined sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone,...


Koken met eigen kinderen - Dieet op de kaart
Het buurtcentrum Morschwijck draait al enige tijd een kookclub voor kinderen en een kookclub voor mensen met een verstandelijke beperking. In samenwerking met Cello zal er een kookclub worden gestart...
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Lekker goedkoop koken - Dieet op de kaart
Het project van kerken en andere partners met en voor mensen die door de crisis geraakt zijn en door financiële problemen  geen goede voeding...
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Ziekteperceptie bij patiƫnten met D.M. type II in Cambodja
Deze studie betreft een kwalitatief onderzoek naar ziekteperceptie bij patienten die geregistreerd zijn in een kliniek in een dunbevolkte omgeving in Cambodja (Cambodia-Dutch Organization). Alle...
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