Patient Letter Cardiovascular Disease


Dear Sir, Madam,
Your general practitioner has registered you at Cello because you have an increased risk of cardio-vascular diseases (CVD). How can the risk of cardio-vascular diseases be reduced? Scientific studies prove that by following advice, you can reduce the risk of development or aggravation of the disease. You are given the opportunity to directly act on this. To achieve this, Cello will provide you with special supervision and treatment.

There may be several reasons why you were directed to our service. You may suffer from symptoms such as chest pain or legs that tire quickly, or your family has a history of cardio-vascular diseases. Maybe you have already experienced something severe such as a haemorrhage or cardiac arrest. Usually, patients suffer from diseases which increase the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, such as obesity, high blood pressure, nicotine addiction, diabetes or an increased cholesterol level in your blood. If you have more than one of these risk factors, unfortunately they amplify each other. You can obtain supervision to tackle several risk factors simultaneously. 

The Cello programme includes: lifestyle changes, diet, supervision of medication and exercise advice. These are all important components that can lead to a risk reduction. Regular check-ups at Cello (physical and laboratory examinations) will map your progress. By observing how the risk factors develop during the supervision, the programme can be adapted to your specific situation.

The basis of the Cardio-vascular programme is:
- a programme to stop smoking
- a personalised dietary advice (calories, eating behaviour, habits)
- exercise and strain advice or rehabilitation

Often, just by following the advice, patients succeed to normalize blood pressure, increase physical strain capacity (by exercising more) and reduce blood glucose level and body fat percentage. In this way, the risks of developing a cardio-vascular disease and hospitalisation are significantly reduced. This can be achieved without adding medication. Not everybody needs medication straight away to reduce their elevated cholesterol or blood pressure. At least once every year you will receive a check-up of all risk factors at Cello. This check-up will also help you to maintain your improved health.

You can contact the practice nurses at Cello to make an introduction appointment.




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